Residential Care Aide - Full and Part-time available



Primary Function:
The direct-care worker is responsible for the daily supervision and care of the client as determined by each client's individual treatment plan.  The direct care worker will at times be responsible for assisting clients who require partial to total care.  The direct care worker is responsible for daily housekeeping of homes and preparation of nutritious meals in compliance with licensing and as assigned by the supervisor or house manager. 

Minimum Qualifications:
Education:  High school diploma or GED
Experience:  Prefer at least one (1) year experience with the TBI population or rehabilitation

*Assist clients with activities of daily living skills including:  bathing, dressing and grooming by verbally cueing the client, prompting the client to initiate task or physically assisting the client.  Encourage clients to participate in home activities and to interact with other clients appropriately.
*Initiate chores and actively include client when client lacks initiation/motivation.  Reinforce assigned chores with client and follow up that client has completed chore appropriately and to their best ability.  Complete assigned chores if client is unable to complete chore independently or with assistance.
*Actively initiate activities and outings with clients as scheduled.
*Prepare nutritious meals according to the weekly menu.  Store leftovers appropriately and re-serve within 24-72 hours to avoid high bacteria count in food.
*Be knowledgeable of each client's individual treatment plan and implement specified interventions within the home and community.
*Transport clients to therapies and appointments as needed.
*Chart each client's daily documentation log including goals, completed tasks and behavior.
*Report any emergency situations or unusual behavior to supervisor following the chain of command.
*Pass out medications using the five rights:  right client, right medication, right dose, right time and right route.  Document administered medication appropriately on the medication log.  Notify supervisor immediately of any medication error or incident following the chain of command.
*Protect and advocate for client's rights ensuring that clients are not subjected to verbal, physical and/or mental abuse.
*Complete household duties as listed on the shift responsibility sheets for shift worked.  Document that each duty was completed.
*Additional duties will be identified as necessary.

Quality Assurance, Research and Education:
*Communicate with House Manager/Residential Manager and Director of Nursing variances in standards of practice.
*Attend monthly staff meetings as scheduled.
*Enhance understanding of the direct-care worker role availability and interaction with the client, families and all members of the healthcare team. 




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